Title:  Electricity
Media:  Oil on Canvas
Price:  £350 Unframed
Size unframed:  75cm x  100cm

When I first moved to Cheshire I was very confused by the main roads and routes around my house. They all seemed to be the same dual carriageways except for one which was the A557 to Runcorn. Looking down and away from the road the size and complexity of the Castner Kellner Chemical Plant became an important landmark for me and this painting was the result of my attachment to it. In the far distance I was surprised to see what I later learned was the Mersey River which gave it history and just a little romance. The painting is titled ‘Electricity’. I had never imagined that I would ever paint an electricity pylon but I was challenged by this very real landscape which fascinated me.

General Notes on my “All Sorts” Paintings

As I am possessed by a need to paint landscapes, I find myself sometimes painting bizarre or less likely subjects. It gives me great pleasure to engineer them but it is difficult to fit them into basic categories. Some could be regarded as Cityscapes or perhaps ‘Urbanscapes’ and others could be Rural Landscapes but generally they are presented here as a group of more unusual landscape paintings.