Title:  Electricity
Media:  Oil on Canvas
Price:  £350 Unframed
Size unframed:  75cm x  100cm

Castner Kellner is a plant which was built to overlook the River Mersey and has made Chlorine during all of its lifetime. It still makes Chlorine but is now owned by the Indian Steel company Tata.

I was moved to paint this plant the first time I saw it and have made two studies of it. I never thought I would ever want to paint an electricity pylon, but driving along the dual carriageway high above the plant with the Mersey in the distance in contrast to the chaos of the shapes, tones and textures of industrial plant was so inspiring and worthy of a work of Art. Making chlorine needs a great deal of electricity so the plant has its own power station including a pylon which proved to be a serious challenge to paint. I chose to imagine what it might look like at dawn to give the scene a little romance. I do like painting with grey and really enjoy making all the variations of the colour. I used cardboard and cork to print some of the shapes and textures.

General Notes on my Industrial Paintings

Cheshire was once the home of Imperial Chemical Industry, known locally as ICI – valued and appreciated because its production of chemicals employed many residents of the area for many years. The chemical plants should have left a blot on the landscape but in fact their size and beauty left me mesmerised when I first became familiar with them. I needed to paint them and would like to be painting them still. I rarely find anything which inspires me as much as they did.

These paintings are the result of nearly two years work.

Many of them are already sold but signed prints can still be made to whatever size is required.