Title:  Bala Lake
Media:  Oil on Canvas
Price:  £200 Unframed (Box Canvas)
Size unframed:  60cm x  40cm

In 2015 I spent a week in North Wales with the express purpose of studying mountains. I couldn’t escape the lakes and the skies either all of which inspired and excited me as always, and so I tried to use different techniques with which to interpret the moods of the days.
This painting is of the view from the head of Bala Lake. The water is only disturbed by the breeze and the occasional sailing boat. Its calmness contributes to its beauty. Its stillness was memorable and was achieved by using a brush carefully.

General Notes on my Mountain Paintings

I used to live in Birmingham and the nearest holiday place to which we could drive or take a train was Wales – Central and North Wales. As children we never had to ask ‘Are we nearly there yet? because the landscape made it clear. As soon as we crossed the border into Wales the mountains rose around us and the tarmac began to twist and wind testing my Dad’s driving and the reliability of the old Morris 10 in which we were all squashed. This is how I first encountered mountains, and now I am living within a short drive of this magical place. In most of Wales the sky is really big and not interrupted by crowded high buildings. But it doesn’t often boast a beautiful blue sky. Grey clouds have often been my inspiration and I sometimes include rain in my painting because of my love of Wales.