Title:  Still Quiet Dawn
Media:  Oil on Canvas
Price:  £250 Unframed (Box Canvas)
Size unframed:  70cm x  70cm
Status:  SOLD

This painting is a memory from somewhere and sometime in my life; a place that I have visited and been a little bit scared of and an opportunity to paint a particular atmosphere and a particular sky. I am also fascinated by reflections and this one needed to be very carefully painted. I don’t remember where I was or with whom I was when I visited this place but it certainly stayed with me.

The painting was bought by a woman who also had a memory of a place like this and thought it was of a canal.

General Notes on my “All Sorts” Paintings

As I am possessed by a need to paint landscapes, I find myself sometimes painting bizarre or less likely subjects. It gives me great pleasure to engineer them but it is difficult to fit them into basic categories. Some could be regarded as Cityscapes or perhaps ‘Urbanscapes’ and others could be Rural Landscapes but generally they are presented here as a group of more unusual landscape paintings.