Title:  Bantham Beach
Media:  Oil on Canvas
Price:  £230 Unframed (Box Canvas)
Size unframed:  70cm x  50cm

When the land leans towards and encloses the distant horizon protecting the beach from the wild Atlantic beyond then the artist has a ready composition waiting to sit on a canvas to illustrate the comfort and security of an enclosed space. This place was asking to be painted, with lovely sand, protruding rocks and the narrowing entrance to the wide and wilder water beyond.  The white light of the moon gives the scene a silver sheen instead of the yellowing light of the sun which brightens all colours rather than creates subtle atmospheres. The colour palettes of evening and morning  can produce an atmosphere which, although dull can also be bright and full of beauty.

General Notes on my Coastal Paintings

Sea and sky attract artists all over the world. It might be the distant horizon; the simplicity of the scene; the light which in turn affects the colour and the atmosphere or the sheer joy of being at the sea side with friends and family and later in life the memories that are evoked of earlier events. For me, I think it is a combination of all those things but in particular the beauty of this earth when its great expanses become impossible to describe in words but just might  be captured with paint. Big skies and giant spaces impress and inspire me because they suggest freedom of mind and body and touch that spiritual part of my essence that scares me.

I look for deserted beaches where colours and tones and textures are soft and subtle or perhaps bright and dramatic but not distorted or damaged by man or the man-made.

These paintings vary in size and type – sometimes sea, often lakes, rivers and estuaries too but all watery and full of distance and sky.