I apply oil paint to a surface with brushes and/or knives. I always hope to create a beautiful image and will leave out that which is ugly or crude. Enjoy!


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All Sorts
All SortsAs I am possessed by a need to paint landscapes, I find myself sometimes painting bizarre or less likely subjects. It gives me great pleasure to engineer them but it is difficult to fit them into basic categories. Some could be regarded as Cityscapes or perhaps ‘Urbanscapes’ and others could be Rural Landscapes but generally they are presented here as a group of more unusual landscape paintings.
CoastalSea and sky attract artists all over the world. It might be the distant horizon; the simplicity of the scene; the light which in turn affects the colour and the atmosphere or the sheer joy of being at the sea side with friends and family and later in life the memories that are evoked of earlier events. For me, I think it is a combination of all those things but in particular the beauty of this earth when its great expanses become impossible to describe in words but just might be captured with paint. Big skies and giant spaces impress and inspire me because they suggest freedom of mind and body and touch that spiritual part of my essence that scares me. I look for deserted beaches where colours and tones and textures are soft and subtle or perhaps bright and dramatic but not distorted or damaged by man or the man-made. These paintings vary in size and type – sometimes sea, often lakes, rivers and estuaries too but all watery and full of distance and sky.
IndustrialCheshire was once the home of Imperial Chemical Industry, known locally as ICI – valued and appreciated because its production of chemicals employed many residents of the area for many years. The chemical plants should have left a blot on the landscape but in fact their size and beauty left me mesmerised when I first became familiar with them. I needed to paint them and would like to be painting them still. I rarely find anything which inspires me as much as they did. These paintings are the result of nearly two years work. Many of them are already sold but signed prints can still be made to whatever size is required.
MountainsI used to live in Birmingham and the nearest holiday place to which we could drive or take a train was Wales – Central and North Wales. As children we never had to ask ‘Are we nearly there yet? because the landscape made it clear. As soon as we crossed the border into Wales the mountains rose around us and the tarmac began to twist and wind testing my Dad’s driving and the reliability of the old Morris 10 in which we were all squashed. This is how I first encountered mountains, and now I am living within a short drive of this magical place. In most of Wales the sky is really big and not interrupted by crowded high buildings. But it doesn’t often boast a beautiful blue sky. Grey clouds have often been my inspiration and I sometimes include rain in my painting because of my love of Wales.
WoodlandThe environment that I am drawn to and usually paint is enhanced by trees and at times I prefer to be surrounded by them, immersed in them. Woodland walks are among the most beautiful and the most comforting that I have encountered and I hope that the pleasure that I get from painting then is obvious in my work. I hope that I have shown their mystery and majesty in the views and images that I have chosen to include in this selection of studies.

About The Artist

I am Chris Howard.  Chris Howard Artist is a website which supports my work and my philosophy of Art – perhaps even my philosophy of life.

I originally trained to be an Art teacher after leaving one of those well-known Grammar Schools in Birmingham. By today’s standards the training was traditional – portrait, life drawing, landscape and still life, pottery and book binding etc etc. The Course was my inspiration and equipped me with skills that enabled me to become that Art Teacher but more than skill I discovered a creative need which has always shown itself in every aspect of my life and still lives with me today.

I have always painted in oils and by working in other studios with other artists I have realised where my real passion lies and know which genre I want to work with and develop, but oil will always be my chosen media. I need its fluidity and malleability, its richness and forgiveness. So, what you find on this website is the work that has given me most joy and success – landscapes in oil on canvas. I feel privileged to be able to spend my life engaged with this beautiful world in which we live, demonstrating and illustrating its power and beauty with oil paint.

The type of landscape I choose doesn’t really matter to me but it usually includes sky which inspires and motivates me to pick up a brush or a knife. I paint urban and industrial landscapes because sometimes I need the constraints of horizontal and vertical lines in the composition. I am at peace on an empty beach with sky and sea and sand and enjoy searching for the colours that hide themselves in the clouds and the water. I can lose myself literally and figuratively in trees and woodland and have always been a season watcher eager to find beautifully coloured canopies at their best. Lakes and mountains manifest great strength and majesty which I can feel and respect when I walk in wales.

I hope my art work brings back memories for you in the way it does for me. I harbour the precious memories of the lovely places to which I have been, and still cherish them. I need sketches and photographs to enhance the memory so that I can ‘get them right’, but I don’t copy photographs because I’m not a good photographer and those that I take lack atmosphere and often include those more ugly aspects of life that I prefer to ignore and leave out.

I prefer to focus on the quality of my paint rather than the realism of the scene, and I apply the medium with brushes or knives or even cardboard and fingers. My style is therefore usually, but not always ‘Impressionistic’. I hope you will enjoy browsing the galleries on the website or at the studio.

Chris Howard

The Studio

My work happens in The Howard Studio which is also my home – a tiny cottage in the middle of Hartford in Cheshire. It is a beautiful and distinctive place to live and work. The working studio is at the front of the house where a big window provides the light that is so important for an oil painter and my work and some of the work of my artist sons, and others is hung in the back room.

The most significant and important aspect of this working studio is that I open it to the public for some time each week and welcome visitors. I have tried the isolate life of a lone artist, and I have also tried being part of a collective in a local studio, but neither has given me the pleasure of the company of others along with the liberty to do as I please and manage my life and work as I want. So this is my attempt to have my cake and eat it – a privilege afforded to very few.

I love to meet people and I can ‘talk for England’. I worked with children and young adults all my life, teaching them about Art and how to be artistic and how to be teachers themselves. I relish the prospect of talking about my art and the art of others even advising others and feel that an ‘open’ studio might help me as well as those who are hoping to better appreciate painting and  drawing etc, etc.

My house/studio is tiny but I want it to be a good place where those inclined towards art can meet, look at Art work and talk and maybe learn from each other and share the ups and downs of being a creative soul. The Studio will be open whenever I am here.  An open notice will indicate when that is, but I will also open regularly and specifically on Wednesdays and Saturdays or by appointment. I hope The Howard Studio will always be able to interest you in a varied selection of work in progress as well as an exhibition of good quality, interesting and professional Art.

The Howard Studio, 27, The Green, Hartford, Cheshire CW8 1QA.

Parking in the centre of the village near the shops will leave you with a short walk to the front door which is sign posted  and opposite St. John’s Church.


If you are interested in purchasing any of my paintings, I encourage viewing at my studio, which is strictly by appointment.

If you wish to arrange an appointment, or if you have any questions or comments, please get in touch.

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